OKI ML6300FB 24 Pin Dot Matrix Printer Microline 6300FB - Print Speeds Of Up To 450cps - 43045007

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Built for task-critical situations and customer-facing settings, the 106 column ML6300FB 24 pin dot matrix printer prints a range of transactions smoothly and efficiently. In-built paper skew correction technology minimises mistakes, saving time and material costs.

The 24 pin 106 column ML6300FB dot matrix printer is ideal for front-desk, task-critical printing quickly and efficiently producing a wide range of documents, appointment slips, tickets and receipts with print speeds of up to 450cps. Built to support users with a smart skew correct feature and fuss-free ‘clean hands’ ribbon changing, it is a popular choice for banks, travel agents, stations, surgeries and other customer-facing settings.

Quick results - Quality output at print speeds of up to 450cps
Delivering easy-to-read, 24-pin print-quality documents at speeds of up to 450 characters per second (cps), the efficient ML6300FB dot matrix printer is ideal for printing quick, straightforward customer-facing documents.

High-duty 106 column dot matrix printer
Print speeds of up to 450 cps enable fast transactions and improve customer satisfaction
Skew correction - Clever feature saves time and material costs
Ideal for customer-facing settings where speed and efficiency are a priority, the ML6300FB dot matrix printer’s smart paper skew correction feature reduces mistakes made by human error, with easy operation requiring minimal training.

Automatically corrects paper skew
Paper can be loaded from any position for the same printing results
Printer senses paper width and rejects if incorrect
Smooth transactions - Built-for task-critical, customer-facing front-desks
The ML6300FB dot matrix printer combines a range of features that are ideal for front-desk environments, including a compact, robust flat-bed design and broad media handling. Pre-cut and tractor fed paper prints slips, tickets, receipts forms and multi-part documents with ease.

Compact device fits neatly in small spaces and on front desks
Flatbed design provides broad media handling capability, including heavier media weight and multi-part paper handling (1 original + five copies)
High mean time between failures (MTBF) of 12,000 hours (duty cycle 25%, page density 35%)
Easy-to-manage - High ribbon life and ‘clean hands’ changing
Reliable, easy-to-use and straightforward to maintain, the ML6300FB dot matrix printer uses high-performance consumables and features a long-life 24 pin print head.

Original ribbons have a high ribbon life, minimising interruption and running costs
‘Clean hands’ ribbon changing ensures no delay, mess or hassle when fitting a new ribbon
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